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Josh First Appointed to Governor-Elect Tom Corbett Transition Team

December 7, 2010

Governor-elect Tom Corbett has appointed Josh First to his Transition Team. Specifically, First is on the Energy and Environment Team, helping team chairman David Kleppinger (who is chairman of Harrisburg's largest law firm, McNees, Wallace, and Nurick) and other members ensure a smooth transition for the new Corbett administration.
"It is an honor and a great pleasure to serve Tom Corbett and his new administration as they get their footing," says First.

"Like the majority of Pennsylvanians, I'm excited to see our great Commonwealth inherit new and strong leadership. Tom Corbett is a tremendous breath of fresh air for our economy, working families, and good government.  I will do my best to ensure that his electoral success is translated into the successful change that is necessary to correct the current mis-direction of state government," says First.

"Republicans have a long tradition of responsible natural resource conservation. My whole career has been spent in environmental protection and conservation, from Federal government to state government to non-profit conservation groups and social entrepreneurship, and I'm positive that the Corbett administration will be good stewards of Pennsylvania's natural beauty and resources," says First.
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