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ALCS Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

February 15, 2022

A curious fad has recently gripped corporate America, called “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” This phrase is being implemented as policy through human resources departments across America. As a small business that works across so many lines and boundaries, ALCS must address this policy ourselves.

While diversity and inclusion are self-evident concepts already addressed in American Equal Opportunity laws, regulations, and policies everywhere that prohibit discrimination based on race, religion, creed, beliefs, etc., the word “equity” is strikingly un-American. Equity has strangely supplanted equality in these new workplace policies. But equality before the law is a long-accepted fundamental democratic ideal and building block of the American constitutional republic, that means everyone is treated the same by our shared government, and everyone has the same opportunities, and never the same guaranteed outcomes.

Equity means that everyone gets the same amount of everything, the same outcomes, regardless of how much they educate themselves, invest, work, or contribute to themselves or the common good, which is fundamentally unfair. Equity unfairly requires the forced redistribution of private wealth through coercive government, which is contrary to everything good that humans do and contrary to everything democratic. Humans all over Planet Earth know that good, hard work deserves to be rewarded commensurately, and everyone knows that a coercive government is fundamentally an evil government that deprives humans of our basic freedoms.

Equity is a Marxist idea that has been tried many times and that has failed badly every time, with much sadness and loss of innocent human life, in every country it has been tried in. It has no place in America or in American businesses, and ALCS will not adopt any work place policy that incorporates this evil idea. American businesses should be resisting and rejecting equity and guaranteed equal outcomes as a guiding idea, because it is evil and undemocratic.

“Two days ago I was at the local post office. An older man and I each held one of the doors open for each other, motioning the other to pass through. While we held the two opposite doors open and waited each other out, I coming in and he going out, each of us refusing to be the first to accept the other’s kind gesture, several people passed through the doors both ways, and we both laughed,” says Josh First, president of ALCS.

A drop of kindness goes a long way, the man said cheerily, as he accepted my open door and passed by me on his way out of the Post Office. Walking out a minute later, I was pleased to find him waiting to talk with me outside. We shook hands and introduced ourselves, congratulated each other on holding old fashioned values like courtesy and respect, and began an impromptu discussion about the state of affairs in America, Harrisburg, young people, family, and education. Each of us lamented the loss of traditional American values.

“Harrisburg is a relatively small community, and it turned out we knew people in common. Being overcome with a sense of brotherly affection, we embraced each other, warmly shook hands, and parted on the words we are all in this together.

“That he was black and I am white underscores how close we Americans all really are, that we are not strangers to each other. Rather, we are Americans with a common identity, hopes and expectations, and that we are not and should not be artificially divided by rotten ideas like equity or false racial distinctions that unnecessarily pit Americans against each other,” says First.

Appalachian Land & Conservation Services Co., LLC is an American company, operating on American and Pennsylvania law, within the borders of the constitutional republic called America, which is run by American citizens who uphold the universal rule of law and democratic ideals.

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