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Appalachian Land & Conservation Services Marks Ten Years as a Successful Business

March 14, 2014

In March, ALCS reached its official ten-year mark as a business. "I am proud to say that we survived the 2008 economic crash, which has lingered on til this very moment, it is not really over," says Josh First, ALCS president.

"For a small firm, since our inception, we neither have a lot of overhead, which can drag down a business, nor do we have an enormous client base or investment portfolio, which would provide a larger safety net.

However, I believe we have hit the right mix of client consulting and our own investments, as our goal has been since 2004 to actually stay small, simple, flexible, efficient, and opportunity-driven," says First.

"Ten years ago, I started a small business based on my extensive and broad resume as a leader in government and non-profit groups, with the goal of running a successful enterprise that would also be family-friendly. I know I have succeeded at that, because my wife and children tell me that," says First.

Appalachian Land & Conservation Services, or ALCS, is a small business aimed at providing boutique real estate services across a surprisingly diverse range of business sectors, as well as making investments that explore the private market monetization of natural resources for the purpose of permanent land conservation.
Bailey's Grove Fishing Access & Natural Area
Bailey's Grove Fishing Access & Natural Area

Bailey's Grove Fishing Access & Natural Area

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Appalachian is a small, nimble firm specializing in real estate projects that yield high returns in conservation value.  We are particular about the projects we work on, and are always open to new ideas.  Sometimes the most unlikely ideas work out the best!


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