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Appalachian Land & Conservation Services Co., LLC
Where Conservation & the Marketplace Meet

Appalachian Land & Conservation Services Co., LLC offers a well-defined set of services related to conservation real estate transactions, "green" development, and lobbying state and federal government on environmental and conservation issues.

Land Acquisition & Perpetual Land Protection

Appalachian acquires key parcels of land in partnership with private land trusts, private business, and government agencies, either for conveyance or in order to implement conservation easements.  For conservation, once Appalachian gets in the chain of title, the company will automatically donate or bargain sale an endowed working landscape conservation easement to a land trust.  Or, the property can be conveyed to a public agency.
Land Analysis, Management & Green Development

Appalachian assists and advises private landowners, land trusts, real estate developers, construction firms, REITs, investment partnerships, and agricultural interests to determine what uses, locations, methods, and densities are best suited to meet the mutual goals of conservation, environmental protection, and profit making on a given site. Appalachian will also develop "green" communities itself, often in partnership. Appalachian’s strengths are in negotiating and facilitating complex real estate transactions with significant environmental components, complicated land trades, negotiating oil, gas and mineral leases, standing timber, and managing and developing mountain land and abandoned mine lands.
  Organizational Development & Non Profit Fundraising

Form follows function. Ask Appalachian to help your organization align itself for optimum performance and results, how to create hard-hitting projects and then market them to funders.  Applicable to both corporate and non-profit clients. This service is provided at reduced rates for non-profits.

Government Affairs

If you want to understand how your government can work for you, then ask us how.  Appalachian staff have experience and expertise in the executive and legislative branches of both state and federal government, primarily in environmental and agricultural policy and regulation. Provided at reduced rates for non-profits.
Green Our Company

Appalachian helps companies "Go Green," by implementing efficiencies, improving sitting standards, and gaining both short- and long-term cost-saving measures that are appreciated as much by accountants as they are by local citizens and government regulators.

Only rarely is commercial enterprise viewed as necessarily competing with environmental values or community aesthetics. High-production industrial facilities, warehouses, commercial complexes, and even open-pit mines can have high-quality environmental aspects to them, if the intention exists. The most effective companies are those who are ahead of what is or will be required by government regulators or community desires. Such companies are often infused or vertically integrated with "Green" technologies and actions, capitalizing on the Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle approach to streamlining and gaining efficiency. Examples include active and passive solar energy, wind energy, geothermal HVAC, super-insulation, landscaping for wildlife and people, creative and improved surface water management, pervious soil covers, etc. In Pennsylvania, many of these actions can count as valuable environmental credits, and Appalachian is the company best positioned to help.